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website for a dictionary

A website for a dictionary is a tool that allows people to search for various definitions and words all in one place. Some websites also offer additional tools like a thesaurus and translation tool, and even a feature known as the word of the day to aid people in learning English. The top dictionary websites have many features that meet the requirements of different users. They are usually designed to be fun for kids too.

The Free Dictionary offers a range of options, including a voice pronunciation feature as well as an intransitive Verbs Translator. It includes a complete list of synonyms and antonyms and lets you save searches using its Power Thesaurus. The site is fairly basic, but it is worth a look.

Another online dictionary with plenty of choices is Macmillan Dictionary. It includes synonyms, analogues, and examples of colloquial use. It concentrates on 7,500 terms which are most commonly used in English. It also lets you submit new words and phrases to its crowdsourced Open Dictionary. It doesn’t have the same number of idioms or phrasalverbs as other dictionaries.

Visuwords is a visually appealing online dictionary that generates diagrams of the relationships between words to show how they relate. This unique feature can be extremely useful in understanding complicated English words.

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