This new Triangular Like Scale (Sternberg, 1997) try adjusted on Greek sample by the Kordoutis (2008)

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This new Triangular Like Scale (Sternberg, 1997) try adjusted on Greek sample by the Kordoutis (2008)

A direction from immigrants to the their customs people was so much more predictive away from down love size, if you’re a positioning towards Greek people would be way more predictive off higher love proportions.


Complete, 333 anyone employed throughout the wider section of Athens, aged away from 18 to 66 ages (M=, S.D.=), took part in this research. Of the members 231 (69.4%) had been Greek (89 men and you may 142 girls) and you may 102 (31.6%) had been immigrants regarding Albania (30 boys and 72 women). There have been no high differences concerning your nation therefore the gender out of players. From the forty-two.5% (163 some body) was partnered with students, 21.9% (72 individuals) was partnered without having students and 28.6% (94 some body) was indeed unmarried.


Analysis collection happened last year. The new surveys were applied myself to each participant shortly after which have obtained concur. Each fellow member obtained an arbitrarily ordered survey packet that expected these to respond to questions. It was highlighted the analysis was anonymous, the brand new participation volunteer so there was zero obligations to become listed on or to continue using.


Brand new bills of the questionnaire package had been translated from Greek to your Albanian because of the bilingual audio system (and you can interpreted back once again to Greek). All the professionals accomplished the second tips:

The household Well worth Size (Georgas, 1999), found in the current analogy, methods a couple things: (a) hierarchical opportunities from mom and dad (the daddy should be the direct of family relations, the newest mother’s lay was at domestic, the mother must be the go-between, the daddy ought to be the breadwinner, the mother should deal with brand new dad’s ily along with kin (mothers would be to show youngsters best habits, will be honour and you may protect the brand new family’s reputation, problems are going to be solved in this nearest and dearest, is always to maintain a good interactions with family relations, children would be to care for old mothers). All the questions was indeed actions into a good five-part scale, having one to appearing ‘disagree’ and you may five ‘agree’. Cronbach’s alpha coefficients toward Albanian immigrants was basically ?=0.80 with the hierarchical spots off mom and dad, and ?=0.74 to own nearest and dearest relationships. To own Greeks, coefficients was basically ?=0.75 and you will ?=0.sixty respectively.

Immigrants’ acculturation is actually mentioned playing with an adapted kind of the newest Vancouver List out-of Acculturation (Ryder mais aussi al., 2000). The brand new brand of 18 activities used in this study analyzes the brand new tradition and you may popular proportions of acculturation. The two-dimensional structure enabled us to read the brand new combination for the one or two cultures on their own. Circumstances was in fact in sets pertaining to more lifetime domains (casual lifetime, internationally engagement, category correspondence), that have one item during the for each and every pair talking about culture in order to Greek society. Examples of affairs were ‘I’m looking keeping or development life off my society culture’ ‘I’m in search of Greek traditions’. For every single item had an excellent 5-section Likert-layout rating. All the subscale produced an overall total score from involvement in tradition and during the conventional Greek people, with a rating of 1 demonstrating a minimal level of community wedding and you will a rating of five demonstrating a leading amount of society wedding. In today’s attempt, Cronbach’s leader coefficients both for Greek and you will Albanian participants was indeed ?=0.84 getting culture measurement and a good=0.75 having main-stream aspect.

The newest Greek adaptation consisted of lesser changes off Sternberg’s variation, showing cultural differences between places. The brand new Triangular Love Measure consists of around three subscales: Closeness, Hobbies and Relationship. New Closeness subscale include fifteen things built to assess thoughts away from love, closeness, connectedness and you will bondedness for the a loving relationship (‘I discover considerable psychological help out of _____,’ ‘Personally i think alongside _____,’ ‘I’m that i really can faith _____, etcetera.). The latest 15 items that make up new Passion subscale determine ‘this new drives that lead in order to relationship, physical interest, sexual consummation, and you will relevant phenomena from inside the enjoying relationships’ (‘I can not believe another person and then make myself due to the fact happy just like the ____ does’, ‘You’ll find nothing more significant to me than simply my personal experience of _____’, ‘My reference to _____ is very romantic’) (Sternberg, 1997, p. 315 ). The selection/Connection subscale (fifteen facts) assesses ideas regarding balances and commitment to keeping the fresh new love (‘I am able to usually become an effective obligations for _____’, ‘I assume my personal love for _____ in order to continue for the rest of my life’, ‘I can not thought conclude my relationship with _____’). All the questions were strategies towards a beneficial nine-point size, which have one to indicating ‘strongly disagree’ and 9 ‘firmly agree’. In the present sample, Cronbach’s leader coefficients for the Albanian immigrants was in fact getting Intimacy ?=0.93, to have Interests ?=0.90 as well as for Union ?=0.93. To own Greeks, coefficients were ?=0.96, ?=0.90 and you can ?=0.95, respectively.

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