The Romantic Envy as Multidimensional Make: A survey to the Italian Short Kind of the latest Multidimensional Envy Size

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The Romantic Envy as Multidimensional Make: A survey to the Italian Short Kind of the latest Multidimensional Envy Size


Romantic jealousy are a complicated construct including numerous dimensions. Given the multidimensional characteristics off close jealousy, it will be advantageous to keeps a description scale who would take into account their several components.


Brand new aims of introduce data would be to deliver the Italian type of one’s Brief Types of the new Multidimensional Jealousy Size (SF-MJS – Elphinson, Feeney & Noller, 2011) verifying its factorial structure, reliability, and you will predictive authenticity. Ultimately, sex differences in the newest tree main dimensions of close jealousy- cognitive, mental and you can behavioral- have been browsed.


361 participants (168 men and you may 193 people), aged 20 so you’re able to forty (M = ; SD = 4.99) was indeed employed. A confirmatory foundation analyses (CFA) was performed to evaluate the newest multidimensional structure of your size. Cronbach’s leader coefficient was utilized to verify the precision. New predictive validity was assessed exploring connectivity ranging from more proportions of the fresh romantic envy and you can vulnerable close connection. Multivariate data from variance (MANOVA) was then followed so you’re able to make certain sex variations.


Confirmatory foundation analyses affirmed the three-factor structure, supporting the presence of those distinct hidden constructs, assessing intellectual, psychological and you will behavioral elements of personal envy. The interior texture coefficients have been high enough the three items of your own scale, and you will varied off .80 so you’re able to .85. Uniform facts offered the newest predictive authenticity of the ISF-MJS. High intercourse differences was inserted.


This new ISF-MJS constitutes a reputable device to possess computing romantic jealousy from the Italian framework. Limits, advantages, and further growth of today’s study are discussed.


Jealousy signifies perhaps one of the most effective behavioural motivations during the life. It is a great common mental effect that takes place throughout personal matchmaking, together with people with moms and dads, sisters, loved ones, romantic couples, and so on. On this page we speak about a specific version of jealousy, which is the one that takes place in intimate matchmaking.

Light defined close jealousy while the “a transformative and you can cutting-edge mental claim that pursue – which have opinion, methods and attitude – threats so you can worry about-admiration or perhaps to this new lifetime (otherwise high quality) of your own dating. Those people dangers is actually made by effect off a bona-fide otherwise possible intimate appeal anywhere between your spouse and you can an excellent (perhaps imaginary) rival” [ step 1, p . 296]. Actually, jealousy can be elicited from the a relatively few prominent or painful communication-change. For-instance, specific experts affirmed that restaurants or drinking having some one has a tendency to stimulate jealousy more way more remarkable much less preferred circumstances, for example engaging in intercourse, People hypothesize that is mainly because somebody see commensality because the a keen interaction which involves a combination of actual and you may emotional exchanges [ 2 ].

Also, increasing to the Lazarus and colleagues’ run dealing procedure [ step 3 , cuatro ], Light claims one jealousy is actually an elaborate emotion that develop inside the emotional and you can intellectual techniques linked to the fresh investigations of a danger impression. The first step from the assessment is established to your a flat from Top Appraisal details (PAs) which can dictate the individual impact in regards to the a bona-fide or fictional hazard so you’re able to mind-value or to the new existence or top-notch a relationship. Second Assessment parameters (SAs) try coping processes put in place to minimize the fresh dangers, eg emotional reactions (ERs) involved in envy. These types of reactions is actually described as multiple bad attitude, eg fury, sadness and you will fear, also to various other states from perception, instance shame, nervousness, anger, and also guilt [ 5 , 6 ]. The past step up the entire procedure ‘s the enactment out of Coping Behavior (CBs) conducive for the final benefit [ step one ]. This means that, White highlighted brand new multidimensionality of your own close jealousy create just Sacramento chicas escort like the created by three fundamental size, psychological, intellectual, and you can behavioural, that happen to be next confirmed because of the almost every other authors [ seven – 9 ].

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