The marriage ceremony include two-fold

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The marriage ceremony include two-fold

First, an involvement service occurs in which the rings are supplied. The second area is the wedding ceremony, the spot where the few have a tendency to wear their crowns / wreaths on their brains, the brand new priest prays in their eyes, both are sipping of preferred glass, and ultimately each goes around the altar. For the most part, a couple priests exists.

Towards altar, there is a holder which have a bit of towel. On the rack, the marriage wreaths (stefana), glucose almonds (koufetes), wedding rings, flower petals, and you may rice take they. Likewise, there are a cup of nice red wine. The altar table is also where in actuality the matrimony certification is on, that the partners and koumbaros / koumbara must indication pursuing the ceremony.


At the weddings you give every visitors a tiny present called bomboniere. This can be fastened including tulle, having glucose-decorated almonds to the, that Greek is called koufeta. Commonly, you hand out the newest tulle-wrapped sugar almonds into guests during the chapel following service, but the majority of love to provide the gift suggestions within lobby afterwards.

  1. This new white colour externally shows love.
  2. The brand new egg shape of the fresh almond signifies fertility.
  3. Brand new stiffness of one’s sweet almond symbolizes the strength of relationships.
  4. The nice preference regarding sugar are a symbol of the fresh new sweetness of one’s relationships.
  5. Fundamentally, exactly how many almonds keeps one particular meaning. You always render around three, four or 7 almonds to each and every guest (or any other unusual number). It should be an odd amount whilst can not be divided. It is transferred to the couple, that can including end up being inseparable after the marriage.

A welcome to all the traffic

If the couples has become wife and husband, it turn-to substitute front of the altar, the backs facing brand new church. The parents are standing indeed there near the few to greeting each one of the guests. First, the brand new koumbaros and you may koumbara greet the happy couple and the moms and dads because of the kissing the face (first proper, next leftover).

When they’ve greeted, it pose next to the partners and also the parents to help you greeting the fresh new guest as well. Now, the guests means a line, and every shows up with the couples so you can allowed and congratulate her or him, in addition to invited the mother and father and the koumbari before it get off new church to consult with the escort in Peoria people.

The first moving

First, all the website visitors arrived at the new party, and then the bride and groom are the history to look. Always, upbeat sounds will be starred once the partners guides to the venue if you’re all the traffic have taken the chairs. Due to the fact few are at the new dancing flooring, the music transform as well as begin dancing the earliest dance because the wife and husband. Afterwards, simple fact is that groom’s turn-to dancing together with his mom, lastly brand new bride dances together father prior to group sits down.

Cutting the wedding cake

Inside Greece, wedding events constantly take place in the night time, especially during the summer, if not it is as well gorgeous to acquire partnered. Thus, it is reasonably a heritage (no less than on Kalymnos) the couples slices the marriage pie once the first dancing. This is exactly so as that the wedding cake cannot melt into the the warmth. Although not, you can want to would anything you want, since the life are not repaired laws and regulations.

The happy couple incisions some the latest pie which have each other holding an identical blade. They place an aspect on a platter, where in fact the bride-to-be gets her husband a chew having a scoop, then the brand new bridegroom nourishes their wife a bite of your pie with similar spoon. Then the couple dad a bottle away from champagne, which is poured towards several glasses. The happy couple drinks about glasses which have one to case entered more than one other. Afterwards, the wedding pie try delivered on kitchen are clipped, so all of the tourist for every single rating an aspect.

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