The Main Negotiation Tactics

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In this article, we’ll discuss the main negotiation tactics and strategies, as well as a range of strategies that negotiators may use to achieve their goals and come up with a deal that is beneficial to both parties. Preparation is key to successful negotiations, and it begins by identifying your own goals and how you can best meet those of your partner in negotiations. Making the effort to research the current rates for similar houses, cars, or services can give you a number that you could go into negotiations with as your limit. The buyer will not be able to lower the price by offering a number they know you’ll not be able to accept.

Some negotiators believe that the “Take It or Leave It approach” is a great strategy. This is a quick-fix strategy but it can be harmful in the long term. Instead, it’s best to look at the iceberg: the hidden needs that drive your partner’s position. By granting a fair benefit you are likely to satisfy the needs of your counterpart and avoid a “take or leave it” situation.

The most important negotiator ability is self-confidence. It’s an essential trait to have throughout the negotiation process. If the other members of the room feel that you’re uneasy or scared, they’ll take advantage of that weakness by making demands that are tense and aggressive and pushing negotiations to the extreme. To keep your cool and calm take a few minutes to relax or tap into your feeling of confidence prior to entering the room.

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