The guy wore an initial sword on the their gear, later changed of the his small katana, Chunchunmaru

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The guy wore an initial sword on the their gear, later changed of the his small katana, Chunchunmaru

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He was originally students out of Japan who usually skipped away out of university and only lazing around in the home to relax and play videos games. At some point, the guy passed away inside a major accident and you may is provided for this new dream community with the Goddess from H2o Aqua so you can beat the fresh new Demon King, whom sought to help you oppress the latest free individuals of your fantasy world.


  • 1 Looks
  • dos Personality
  • step three Background
  • 4 Efficiency
  • 5 Trivia
  • six Routing


Kazuma are a 5’4″ (162 cm) high son weighing 120lb (54 kg) having quite spiky chestnut-brown tresses and you will eco-friendly vision (brownish attention regarding the white novel). His common gown initially used an eco-friendly tracksuit, but afterwards the guy become using an adventurer dress including a beneficial gold-trimmed green mantle, light top, shorts, and you may leather sneakers.


Before their new life regarding the Dream World, Kazuma are a great hikikomori, ergo isolating themselves out of people and you will expenses every his amount of time in his area to experience games, most of the while keeping little to no matchmaking outside. Any of these qualities manage manifest periodically in the the fresh Fantasy Globe, including getting most scared whenever very first fulfilling the stunning Darkness and resigning themselves so you’re able to lazing around significantly less than their kotatsu at all times.

Shortly after arriving at the newest Fantasy Community, Kazuma gets far more public and you may outbound and you will was initially happy on possibility becoming an enthusiastic adventurer. Regardless of this, not, Kazuma will get much more cynical about his new way life when he finds out the newest harsh reality to be an adventurer, like the lower spend and you may lives-threatening really works.

In the show, Kazuma is consistently sarcastic, pessimistic, and you may dull, specifically towards his personal teammates. They have zero qualms that have reminding Aqua away from exactly how ineffective she would be or exactly how creepy he discovers Darkness’ masochism. This won’t only stretch so you can his teammates, when he is even open regarding his disdain for narcissistic somebody instance Mitsurugi Kyouya. Kazuma does publicly grumble regarding the sad factors the guy will get for the, instance as he drops for the personal debt, and he fundamentally gets much more moody and you can disheartened.

Although most unassuming person in the group, Kazuma is normally described as somebody who was “reputable from the vital minutes.” Therefore, they can be surprisingly practical together with an effective chief, often as being the individual who appears toward agreements or leads the team. Megumin describes him due to the fact dedicated whenever he is poor, and sluggish whenever he is rich. Even with his scratchy emotions, Kazuma enjoys a type center, as he does really take pleasure in his time along with his people and you will was willing to manage whatever it takes so you’re able to fundamentally help them. Even in their amazing world, Kazuma showed some semblance of bravery as he try happy to give up their life to keep a woman the guy really believe is in peril, actually stating just after he died which he was good with his destiny provided that their was safe (regardless if afterwards it’s revealed she was in zero harm throughout the first place, so you’re able to Kazuma’s shame).

But as he can be daring, Kazuma features certain faster brave services also. He’s slightly lecherous and regularly gift ideas himself due to the fact an “suggest of intercourse equality” once the an excuse getting your to help you attack and you can harass girls because of the taking its knickers. The guy and additionally spends it to help you justify his sanctuary off a risky competition through to the females. In addition to this, Kazuma was perfectly pleased with way of life the rest of his lives as the an idle bum shortly after generating adequate money to reside comfortably, generally leaving his initially quest in order to overcome the fresh Demon Queen, although this is once which have died many times certainly one of most other rather traumatizing knowledge. However, it is distinguished which he simply displays such properties at specific minutes, and never on temperatures off battle such as for example Darkness. He in addition to does not assist his dark advice dictate any considered otherwise battle plans. He also seems to have a global mind-manage, when he is definitely enclosed by their class members just who even he admits is attractive, but cannot do just about anything overtly perverted on them. But not, then it due to their terrible personalities.

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