Secure Web Technologies – A Comprehensive Overview

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Secure Web Technologies | A Comprehensive Overview

With transformational shifts to cloud computing, IT environments have become distributed. Data and applications can reside anywhere in the world, and are no longer secured by the traditional corporate network perimeter. However the workforce has become more distributed. Employees require quick and secure connections to cloud services as well as IT resources of the corporate. As a result, secure web gateways are essential to cybersecurity as part of a multi-layered approach to security.

In a nutshell of the concept, a secure web gateway (SWG) is a tool that filters out unwanted software and malware from live Internet browser traffic and enforces corporate policies. This solution is similar to firewalls and CASBs, however it operates at the application level. It inspects each request more thoroughly than traditional firewalls and analyzes complete files for malware and dangerous threats that are difficult to detect.

A reputable SWG solution integrates firewall inspection URL filtering, URL inspection and DNS filtering along with antimalware, sandboxing and additional features like Two-Factor Authentication (TFA), Web Application Firewalls and more. It should also include encryption. Encryption encodes sensitive data so cybercriminals can’t read it. This protects sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

A great SWG includes a wide variety of features that will fulfill the requirements of your business. If you work in an industry that is heavily restricted, your solution must include native data leak prevention as well as reporting compliance. If you have secure web technologies a large remote workforce the solution should permit you to manage access to mobile devices that are not managed and also enforce the lowest privilege across your entire supply chains.

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