How to Make a Computer Virus

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A computer virus can be created maliciously by anyone wishing to cause harm to systems or computers. They are coded bits which are linked to other applications or programs, and, when activated, spread like wildfire. Typically, viruses are found attached to a document or software that is downloaded via the internet or transmitted via email. The majority of countries believe that spreading and creating the virus on computers is illegal.

There are a variety of computer viruses that are able to be able to infect computers in various ways. Some computer viruses are dependent on an application for starting their work. Others are autonomous and can attack several systems without a host. A computer virus that uses a host program to infect computers is often considered as a worm and those that do not employ the method of infection used by other programs are thought to be viruses.

Certain viruses are able to begin infecting the system you can check here as soon as they arrive, whereas other remain undiscovered until a user accidentally executes the code. The first computer virus was discovered in 1974, and it behaved as a biological virus by rapidly multiplying itself and causing damage to the system. Stuxnet is an example of an extremely destructive computer virus. It was created to destroy computerized centrifuges that were used to enrich uranium.

It isn’t for the weak-hearted to try this kind of process. However, it can be a great and exciting way to test your knowledge of computer programming languages and systems. If you’re willing to invest the time and effort there are a lot of sources that will show you how to make viruses.

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