Endangered and systemic vegetation secure tend to be Cardamine chelido, Cypripedium calceolus, Daphne blagayana, Lilium bulbiferum, L

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Endangered and systemic vegetation secure tend to be Cardamine chelido, Cypripedium calceolus, Daphne blagayana, Lilium bulbiferum, L

This new seas off around three regional streams, streaming across the limestone and chalk over thousands of years into the a great persisted biogeological process, have placed natural dams away from travertine, undertaking a number of stunning ponds, cascades and you can caves. Their woods are a haven for contains, wolves and many species of birds.

Geographical Venue

Near the Bosnia-Herzegovina edging from the Dinaric slopes, 20 kilometres northwest out-of Bihac within the Bosnia and you can 110km southern out-of Zagreb into the main roadway south to the Adriatic. The approximate coordinates are forty-two° 44′ N in order to 44° 57’N and you can fifteen° 27′ to help you fifteen° 36′ Elizabeth.

Real Keeps

Plitvice plateau lays during the 650-700m amongst the Licka Pljesevica (step 1,640m) and you can Mala Kapela (step 1,280m) mountains that will be intersected by headwaters equestrian singles Profil of the Korana River, the brand new Grayscale streams. Top of the stop of your own Korana Area overlying the fresh dolomite stratum is a broad basin holding the top of ponds since the down ponds occupy a thin limestone canyon. The fresh Plitvice Lakes basin is actually a development from biological supply, an effective karst river basin off limestone and you can dolomite, with many sixteen lakes, trailing dams created over the past 4000 age of the deposition off calcium supplements carbonate into the solution by the encrustation with the mosses (Bryum, Cratoneuron), algae and you can aquatic bacteria. Which contributes to the structure, at about step one-3cm/12 months, from traps regarding phytogenetic travertine (calcareous tufa) with developed the lakes of several versions linked because of the cascades and you may waterfalls, particular as much as 25m in height. They have already feature uncommon molds and include travertine-roofed and you will vaulted caves.

The carbonates big date throughout the Top Triassic, Jurassic and you may Cretaceous decades as they are around 4,000m dense. Floor models were humus into the limestone, rendzinas and you can brownish earth into the limestone, eliminated and brown got rid of grounds toward limestone and you may humus, brownish earth therefore the got rid of soils of sinkholes. In order to maintain and manage brand new absolute properties of your own ponds regarding pollution, the full facial skin and most of one’s subterranean drainage program has been included in borders of the Park. This new section happened to be layers out of karstified limestone having dolomites of Jurassic years.


New National Park lies on the newest edge between a slightly loving all the way down top wet tree climate and you can a high altitude cold tree weather, which have an annual precipitation of 1,000-step 1,200mm. The newest top out-of 700m above water-level or the imply temperatures out-of -3° C about coldest day could have been pulled since the edge range among them climes.


Discover 22,308 ha from tree, which cover 75% of Playground, 6,957 ha away from meadow and you can 217 ha off ponds. The forest constitutes pure really stands of beech Fagus sylvatica on down altitudes and you can blended really stands out of beech and you can fir Abies alba high up. The fresh percent out-of types was: 72.8% beech, twenty-two.1% fir, cuatro.7% spice Picea excelsa and you may 0.4% pine Pinus sylvestris. One area out of 84 ha has never been slashed possesses woods around 700 yrs . old. The newest tree can classified in terms of their hidden dolomite and you may limestone strata. The fresh new dolomite communities are tertiary pine, hornbeam Ostrya carpinifolia, spice and you can beech-fir forests. This new limestone groups has actually an inferior number of forest brands, but safeguards a larger city with teams from liven and you may fern, spruce inside beech, coppiced hornbeam that have sumac Rhus cotinus, Italian maple Acer obtusatum and heather Erica spp. Hydrophytic groups of black alder Alnus glutinosa, willow Salix spp., grey ivy, reeds and you will bulrush communities. Alpine beech groves degrees to the fir and you can beech forests, having juniper Juniperus sp., and also in the newest valleys and on down hills patches away from sub-Mediterranean plants. There is a big mosaic out of meadow teams, based height, geology soils or any other situations, inside the three groups: Festuco-Brometea, Nardo-Calunatea, Molinio-Arrhenatheretea and you can Scheuchzerio-caricatea fuscae. carniolicum, Primula kitaibeliana, P. wulfeniana, Ruscus hypoglossum and you can Paeonia mascula.

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