Conducting Board Meetings With a Board Portal

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Board meetings are a major responsibility that requires careful planning, a reasonable speed, and a keen awareness of the time spent by board members. Tools for managing board meetings like a portal, can help in these endeavors by helping to prepare agendas and materials for meetings before the meeting date. This will increase the number of participants and let board members examine directives and other decisions in advance.

The first step is to clearly communicate the process of making decisions to the board. Being clear about whether your board will reach consensus, use voting, or another method of making decisions ensures everyone understands what is expected of them during the meeting. This also helps avoid confusion, for instance, when a director raises an issue that has been discussed in a previous meeting.

After settling old business, the board moves to new items on the agenda. Like all discussions it is crucial to respect the rights of other board members to speak. The chair should allow only one director to speak at any given time. The chair of the board also has to manage the discussion by encouraging conversations and making sure that everyone on the board is in attendance.

The board is then able to vote on any new business item and records the results in the official meeting minutes. If a member isn’t happy with the outcome of the vote they can request that the vote be reconsidered or request that the issue be referred to a committee for further consideration.

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