Antivirus Software – What to Look For in a Security Suite

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Cybercriminals are constantly altering their strategies, so you need to have a comprehensive security program to stay safe from the latest threats. A good antivirus program can scan, detect and delete viruses such as trojan horses, worms and spyware. Certain programs also include additional security options like virtual personal networks as well as parental and password management controls, as well as phishing protection.

Antivirus software should also protect you from rootkits and keyloggers which secretly record all the information you input into your keyboard such as passwords and credit cards numbers. It also needs to guard against ransomware that can take over your PC and hold files hostage unless you pay a ransom.

The most effective antivirus software has a high rate of detection of known malware and consistently scores high in independent labs for testing. A well-designed security suite includes other security features such as the ability to detect viruses based on heuristics that look for types of behavior that viruses are known to exhibit. It should also include a firewall and some programs offer sandboxing, which lets you run suspicious programs in an environment where they aren’t able to do harm.

A good antivirus program should be updated frequently, typically every day or more. It should also work with a wide variety of devices, ranging from PCs and Macs to smartphones and smart homes. Some antivirus programs offer low price introductory offers. Some offer annual or monthly subscriptions as well as others that charge on a per-device basis. The cost of a software should reflect the number of devices and kinds it safeguards, the frequency of updates, its ease of use, and other safety features.

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